Book Review - Sales Differentiation - by Lee B. Salz

Sales Differentiation

With so many options of items and services to purchase it is no wonder that buyers simply freeze sometimes and don’t make a buying decision.

What’s the same, and what’s different about the companies’ services you are comparing?

It seems as plain as day – a buyer needs to understand your service (or product) as compared to others and how any of the options will help the buyer. It’s so not about the seller.

It’s about sales differentiation – the topic of Sales Differentiation – 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want by Lee B. Salz. Sales differentiation is all about what you sell and how you sell. Through dozens of stories, Lee Salz not only tells you how to better differentiate but he shows you with examples, charts and graphs.


I recommend this book to sales reps who want to better understand the power of differentiation and their sales managers and sales leaders who can help affect change in their company. Whether your organization is new, small, midsized or enterprise you can gain tremendous insight through the 19 strategies listed.


How you sell, not just what you sell, differentiates you. There are nineteen powerful strategies when it comes to sales differentiation. The example in Chapter 4 on “What would you pay for something you could get for free” drives the point home, as do many of the other anecdotes.


The book is divided into two parts – what you sell, and how you sell. It can be thumbed through in an evening with highlights on one of the best lists – The Sales Universe – and the list of Sales Differentiation Concepts in the back. Three concepts are my favorites:

HOW you sell, not just WHAT you sell, differentiates you.

Are you leaving differentiation open to buyer interpretation? (I used to do this a lot – we think our buyers will figure it all out – they don’t)

Sales differentiation requires the salesperson to position why it matters to the buyer. (if this doesn’t happen, you’re done).

This is a fantastic professional development book as well as a marketing-meets-sales book. Pass this one around once you’re done with it because it is a wealth of resources.

I’ve said this many times - the WORDS salespeople use and do NOT use, differentiate them. Are you aware of what sets you apart as a seller? If you think you do, you’ll find even more ideas here and if you don’t know then you’re in for a big surprise in learning what you need to know.

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