Stay In Step
With What
Comes Next.

SellForward Strategy - Stay In Step With What Comes Next

A next level sales strategy that works.

We help sales or business leaders step away from  the day-to-day to focus on the big picture  strategies that will move them forward.  


Once we’ve evaluated the existing team we will  work with leadership to put a strong plan of action  in place to target key sales revenue and profit  growth markets and the ideal prospects to target.  We create a roadmap of practical strategies to:  


> Prepare your team with the skills they need 

> Expand sales opportunities within your current  client base and improve success with new RFP’s  

> Stay relevant in your and your client's industry  

> Determine partnerships, and offerings that will

What is needed?

People - Do you have enough  headcount? Do they have the skills they need?

Processes - Are your sales  territories balanced? What  incentives and commission structures motivate sales reps? 

Technology - What sales tools  should you invest in to increase productivity, create reports, and  analyze team performance?

Improve & Perform!

SellForward Strategy - Improve & Perform!

As part of a strategic sales plan, companies usually invest in  the following areas to aid productivity gains—people, processes, and technology.

Our SellForward plan includes capacity planning, quota allocation, and territory  design with strong data to back it all up.  It becomes the go-to play book with all  the best ideas, processes, and technology to guide your sales organization’s  strategy and provides the resources and tactics for reaching sales goals. It defines  your company’s go-to-market strategy and expected costs and returns. 

Sales strategy planning starts with executive and senior leadership working with  sales to set goals and define where your organization wants to end up in the next  year. With goals in hand, sales leadership must then assess and determine the  needs and means to achieve those goals.