Increase Deal
Flow From
Who You Know

ReferralRich Networking - Increase Deal Flow From Who You Know

Referral selling is a mindset, not a tactic

Referrals are the #1 best source of new business, yet most sellers never ask for referrals. 

When you receive top quality referrals, deals come to closure quicker and with a higher closing ratio (50% or more) than any other type of prospecting. To be most effective, learn the ReferralRich process and the networking strategies that go along with it.

With this system you'll learn about the power of The Third List, and the law of ReferralRich Referrals (hint: it's probably not what you think) 

Secure referrals with a 3 step process:

  1. Create your ReferralRich Map
  2. Refine and customize process for your own ReferralEcosystem
  3. Follow the process 

Relationship selling.

ReferralRich Networking - Relationship selling

Even your most trusted clients and partners need to be reminded to think of you, so, if you want them to promote you, give them a reason to and make it easy.

ReferralRich will teach you to:

Stay top of mind by engaging referral partners and expanding your network

 Learn how a simple formula, done regularly, yields more referrals than ever

Listen to the differences between an “ask” and a “ReferralRich request”

Know how to scale this for potentially hundreds of sales reps

 See what the “Third List” is and how critical it is for revenue growth