Build a more inclusive sales team.

SheSells Program - Build A More Inclusive Sales Team

The She Sells Program helps company leaders to understand how to attract diverse future sales team members, work to hire and onboard them, and then retain and ultimately promote them.

Modern CEOs say that they want more inclusive sales teams and more revenues, but talk is cheap - it's hard to focus and see it through.  

Instead, set yourself up for success with the "She Sells" process to help you in hiring and retaining a top-performing inclusive sales team.


Grab the PDF checklist of best practices here

Program process

  1. Foundational discussion 
  2. What candidates experience
  3. Attract differently
  4. Hire Better
  5. Onboard successfully
  6. Retain longer
  7. Promote the right way
  8. Create a strong sales culture
  9. Resources / Next Steps 

Inclusive = Success

SheSells Program - Diversity = Success

Welcome new perspectives and discover how to truly build  an unstoppable inclusive sales team. Buying teams today expect your sales team to match them in how they are made up  

Despite your good intentions, you’ve had trouble filling the pipeline with diverse  candidates for SDR, BDR, and sales roles. With the SheSells program you will learn:

The strategic plan to hire diverse candidates in the first place.

The system to find the right candidates for your open roles 

The people who becomes part of the pipeline and how to build it 

The way to identify future sales leaders  

The case to build a strong inclusive sales team that grows revenue