Invest in your
best to grow
more sales.

SalesHero Coaching - Invest In Your Best To Grow More Sales

Your managers want to better support your reps and grow revenues but they don't know all they need to know. SalesHero coaching will fill in the gaps.

It’s one of the most overused phrases in our  industry - “Do you coach your team?” Everyone  answers “YES” however, sales coaching means different things to different people. With SalesHero,  sales coaching has one meaning, one process, and over a dozen, clearly understood attributes. Give your sales  organization a common language to use in helping  sales team members move from the results they  currently have to where you want them to be. 

Our SalesHero program is offered to high potential  sellers, sales managers, and leaders.  Those being coached are accountable for  doing the work, and the results follow.  

Coaching process

  1. We identify strengths and  areas to strengthen
  2. Customize our approach to align with unique learning styles and goals of the team
  3. Collaborate on a plan to learn, practice and grow skills to improve outcomes 
  4. On-going support to guide success in real-time


Need a Sales Hero?

SalesHero Coaching - Need a Sales Hero?

We start with a Sales Manager Evaluation to see what skills to build on and gaps to fill to create a Sales Hero that:


Is effective in consultative selling and in leading sellers.

Is successful managing under challenging conditions

Sets attainable and stretch goals for the team.

Supports and inspires team members by developing a resilient and strategic mindset.

Models proactive leadership to create a high performing sales culture