Hair Raising for Cancer Research

Lori Richardson - hair Raising for Cancer Research mohawkLast March, I got nearly all my head of hair shaved off because a check for $5000 was donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute – and that check ended up being $2.1M due to hundreds of employees at my client, Granite Telecommunications doing the same.

When I heard it was happening again, (read the post about last year click here) I could not resist. Yesterday we did it again and raised $3.25 M to fight cancer at Dana Farber – with hundreds again participating. This time the Governor of the Commonwealth here in Massachusetts participated, and the mayor of the town Granite is based in. It was quite an event.

It Takes a Village to Make Something Big Happenshaved-for-mom

Many employees took part, and as a sales effectiveness coach and consultant I’d say that productivity was fairly low compared to other days. I also think that was just perfect. Employees who opted not to shave their locks got to watch it happening – there was a buzz in the air that was palpable. It was exciting. There were lots of laughs.

It’s important to take time out to promote non-work stuff once in a while. I’m guilty of being very business focused, so let me take this time to say:

Creating a work event that gets everyone behind a cause is great. It brings individuals together as a team if done right.

Does your company do that? If so, what do you do?

How can we inspire others to take action?

If not now, when?

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