Grow Sales with LinkedIn

grow sales with LinkedInLinkedIn is often misunderstood by some  busy sales leaders and B2B sales professionals in a number of industries. If you are a seller or sales leader, you need to do these 3 things NOW:

  1. maximize your professional profile (and support your reps to maximize theirs)
  2. make sure your business profile is well written
  3. start publishing on LinkedIn to help build trust about who you are and what you stand for

Your Professional Profile

  • what is it that you do
  • use keywords
  • search for resources online if you need help - there are LOTS

Here are 2 of our related posts "Boost Your LinkedIn Profile for Sales", and "LinkedIn Etiquette For Sales"

Your Business Profile

  • look up your business on LinkedIn - create one if nothing there
  • make sure it is well written
  • many resources have been posted that are helpful

Here is an article from LinkedIn about "Building a Presence For Your Business"

Start publishing

Read the post from LinkedIn blog on "New Analytics for Publishing on LinkedIn"

Finally, if you have a free account, you can do a lot - BUT consider upgrading your account so that you can see who has viewed your profile . You can also send LinkedIn's InMail with a paid account. I'll give you more background on this when we next talk about inbound marketing. [LinkedIn is not a sponsor - this is just a no-brainer must do that pays for itself as soon on of your visitors converts to a customer or refers you one.]

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