LinkedIn Etiquette For Sales

Linkedin-personalize-for-best-resultsTwice I received an email like the one posted here – a guy sending me a LinkedIn mail message once I accepted his LinkedIn request.

Right away, I received this ask: Do I need any lists, because if so, he can help me!

I wondered for some time whether he really thinks he is providing a service by asking people this blindly.

He could mean well, couldn’t he?

Nope. I think someone taught him this “tactic” to do mass requests with a generic ask, knowing, just like cold calling, he’ll get a slim percentage of people who might be looking for leads today.

But he made some critical mistakes.

He didn’t personalize – mass messages are not effective anymore. If he took two seconds to look at my profile he could have used a much better hook to connect me to him. I won’t say what that is because I have a feeling these folks will keep reaching out. Let them earn it.

He didn’t give before he asked. If he mentioned any interest in learning about ME before he told me about his great leads he has to offer, well – I might have not regretted connecting with him.

Because two different sales guys in their company sent me the SAME message - wow - it is nothing but SPAM. 

What do I do when I connect with someone and they start telling me all about THEM the next day – or a couple days later?

I REMOVE their connection.

Why? Because I don’t need more noise. What I do need is support, interest, connections, referrals, and industry ideas that don’t just revolve around your product. I have frustrations and I have aspirations.

Make your name with others by helping them, learning from them, and adding value to them. This IS what professional selling is all about. It’s not an “either or” This IS professional selling.

Watch the hashtag #LinkedEtiquette for more ideas – and contribute your thoughts there too on Twitter!

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