How to Commit to Your Sales Success

Committ To Your Sales SuccessOur colleague Dave Kurlan over at Objective Management Group, a sales candidate assessment and evaluation company made news some years ago with a survey (based on evaluations of over 1 million salespeople over the last 25 years) showing that three out of four sales reps aren’t effective in their jobs.

 We’ve been helping interpret OMG’s assessment and evaluation tools for the past few years and now we (as part of the OMG partner network) have evaluated close to 1.5M sales reps and you know what? The data hasn’t changed.

 While 3 out of 4 sales reps not being effective is a pretty startling statistic, it makes sense when you frame sales success in the context of commitment. A key to succeeding in sales is wanting to succeed in sales. It comes down to commitment, desire and optimism.

 Four Keys To Sales Success

 We talk a lot about commitment in business: commitment to success, commitment to achieving goals, commitment to showing up, and more. When you say you’re committed to doing something or completing a task, you’re more likely to succeed. That’s why commitment is critical to sales success, according to Kurlan. The four keys to sales success are:

  1. Desire. How badly do you want to be good at sales?
  2. Commitment. Are you willing to do whatever it takes (that is moral and ethical) to meet and surpass your goals?
  3. Responsibility. Whose fault is it when you don't get that deal? Is it the economy, the competition, your company's product? No, its yours
  4. Outlook. Do you see yourself being successful in this role?

If you’re not committed to your own success, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Show Your Commitment

Rate Your Sales Achievement

What if a salesperson does not realize they lack commitment? 

Dave Kurlan says,  "When a salesperson doesn't realize that they lack commitment, it means they think they are doing all that they can. The people most likely to fall into this group often work very hard. Within the context of their hard work, they aren't doing the right things or at least enough things to get the desired results. Others who don't realize they lack commitment may be stubborn about adapting to new or different ways to do things."

The Four Pillars

Desire, commitment, responsibility and outlook are the foundation for your success in professional selling. 

Do you have passion for greater success? 

What are you working toward? Do you have a big personal goal? 

Will you do what it takes to succeed - at all costs? 

Are you going to create excuses or take responsibility for your pipeline? 

Do you feel brave and effective? 

Want to learn more about committing to your sales success or how to inspire your sales team?

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