The Best Thing Gary Vee Has Ever Said

gary veeThe night before the 2016 Presidential election, Gary Vaynerchuk, business mogul, investor, author, and top keynote speaker gave a keynote at INBOUND. It was a coincidence that INBOUND, a large annual marketing conference - started on election day this year.

By the time the keynote began at 6PM, voting had been going on all day. The stress level was high – so many people "knowing" their candidate would win and getting ready for a celebration later. It seemed tense with so many awaiting results.

Now I’ve heard Gary speak many times live. He has a theme of entrepreneurialism and work ethic that runs through every talk.

This talk, however, I heard something that I wish EVERYONE in the country could have heard. Not because it is always needed, but in particular it was needed for that room that night - perhaps for me, perhaps for others. 

Gary said a lot of fantastic things and offered very TACTICAL marketing ideas which I greatly appreciate. Being vague about how to build your business is so common in marketing keynotes. Among all the marketing points and the suggestion to visit elders to learn from them and learn about what regret it like, there was more.

He said, “If any of you think that one candidate or the other becoming President is going to alter your business or affect your business creation potential, then the media has gotten to you. If your candidate does not win, sitting around and being depressed won’t change things. You create your own future.”

He went on to say, “As an immigrant, I know how amazing it is to live in a country where everyone CAN vote. You don’t know how good you have it unless you came from nothing – as many immigrants know.”

Today is a new day.

Half of the country is stunned and in disbelief, half is doing cartwheels.

As business builders we go on and focus on what we can control. Grow your sales team – grow your company. Help others through the products and services you represent.

Think today about what you can control – and make positive change.

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