Your Cold Calling Math of Sales is Lying

That’s right – you are probably going about phone prospecting wrong, and blaming your low success on an “ancient” and “out of date” prospecting strategy of cold calling. You may have just written it off – “no more cold calling” OR you may just accept that your reps are not productive during this block of occasional time but you ask them to do it anyway.


I had a light bulb moment or two when talking to Ryan Reisert recently. You know Ryan – he’s the guy who uses data and real-life conversations to prove what he’s talking about. I’ve known Ryan for a number of years and he helps companies prospect more effectively. We will be hosting a series here to show you how you can increase your success with sales outreach and not just check a box, but actually have more conversations that matter.

Ryan demonstrates his work regularly on LinkedIn Live.


Listen as he explains in his own words here:




Your math of sales is something we have all talked about for years: know your dials to get to your conversations to get to opportunities.


But your math of sales is lying!


The phone is still an effective channel to support your outreach strategy.


Old school saying, “a meeting a day


What if your connect rate on calls could increase?


Ryan has figured out how to do this.


There are people who pick up the phone, and people who don’t pick up the phone.

If you could know who the people who pick up the phone are and only call those people, your connect rate will grow dramatically.


What if you could reach out only to those who do pick up the phone, or the Phone Ready Leads™, how would that help you?


Stop wasting time, energy, and effort on people who DON’T pick up the phone. Have more phone conversations to sharpen your messaging, and work on objections.


Your math of sales is lying to you. Go for a 20-50% connect rate and change your prospecting successes to close more business.  Get a 10x lift in connects.


Try it yourself – get 20 Phone Ready Leads™ and see how it works. Tell Ryan that Lori sent you!


Check out Ryan’s website. Watch him make cold calls live – you’ll learn so much about building rapport and helping people through selling. Ask me for an intro if you are not connected and fix your math of sales!


Lori Richardson is Founder & CEO of Score More Sales, a top B2B sales strategy firm helping mid-sized companies grow revenues by solving key sales issues - like recruiting, retention, building an inclusive sales team, process, pipeline, and leadership. Lori is also President of Women's Sales Pros - a community created to get more women in sales and sales leadership. She speaks at CEO groups on topics of sales growth, the power of mindset, and the importance and value of strong sales culture. Clients include companies in the technology, telecom, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services industries. Salesforce named Lori a Top Sales Influencer in 2021 and LinkedIn named Lori as one of the 15 Top Sales Influencers to Follow in 2020. Lori received the 2019 "Lifetime Achievement Award" from AA-ISP (American Association for Inside Sales Professionals - The Global Inside Sales Association) Her book, "She Sells" will be available August 30.  Subscribe to the award-winning blog, follow her on Twitter, Instagram and connect on LinkedIn Increase Opportunities. Expand Your Pipeline. Close More Deals. Develop Sales Leaders


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