Who Do You Know That Deserves A Standing O?

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We all have lessons we’ve learned in life as time has gone on. Certain people have influenced us. In the sales field, many of us have had mentors, peers, managers, leaders and sponsors who may have influenced us. In our homes we’ve had relatives and friends teaching us and guiding us.

That’s why I’m so excited to share Standing O! – A Book of Gratitude for Life Lessons, collected by Scott MacGregor. There are three main reasons I recommend the book as a read for yourself and a read for your clients and future clients. [Note: I’m not an affiliate, I get nothing to recommend it]

First, sales (and business in general) can be a tough grind. We all need motivation and inspiration. By reading 52 stories about those who have inspired others, it’s impossible to not feel lifted up and even renewed in some cases. Former pro and collegiate athletes contributed, a 30 year Navy Seal, artists, executives, authors, podcast hosts, and a group of my peers in the B2B sales space like Trish Bertuzzi, Dr. Howard Dover, Phill Keane, Max Altschuler, John Barrows, Larry Levine and Tim Hughes.

Secondly, every penny of the proceeds from sales of the book goes to two charities: Ellevate New York and Keep on Playing – these are fantastic non-profits helping kids in huge ways. If you get a chance, take a look at their websites. 

Thirdly, I know no better gift than the gift of inspiration. Whether for a family member or a client – hardback or Kindle – a book like this teaches about life. I’ve been in professional selling for over 30 years, as a seller, a sales leader, and as someone working with hundreds of other sales teams on revenue growth.

As a career, professional selling is an amazing niche – with unlimited potential for earnings in many roles, and with remote working options, often with flexible hours. With that all said, SALES CAN BE A TOUGH CAREER on some days. Sellers and others need regular doses of inspiration to keep moving forward.

I was invited to share about and contribute a story about one of the people who taught and inspired me early on. It was my fashionista grandmother, Lorene Hall. If you get the book, check out my chapter! My grandmother was flawed in some ways with her relationship with her own daughter (my mom) yet she taught me some extremely valuable lessons in business. I didn’t realize them until years later.

Whether you pick up a copy of the book (or multiple copies, as some sales leaders have done already) or not – please think about what you are grateful for.

Scott MacGregor, the amazing and upbeat CEO of SomethingNew compiled the book – which had to be sort of like herding cats to get all of the contributions in and organized. At the end of the book, Scott writes:

• What are you grateful for?

• Who in your life deserves a Standing O?

• Don’t let time slip by, let them know today!

I could not say that better myself. Thank your teachers and mentors. Be a teacher and a mentor to those who are not as far along as you. You’ll be a changed person if you do.

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