Top 3 Ways To Get Out of a Sales Slump

Top 3Ways Get Out of SlumpA sales slump is something everyone in a sales role gets into one time or another. Having been in some myself over the years, and in talking with hundreds of sellers about sales slumps, we’ve come up with the biggest ways sellers get OUT of these slumps.

Note: it could be a small slump – this week is wayyy down from last week.

It could be a BIG slump. The first ½ of 2015 was a joke for you.

If you normally have a good groove in your sales position and simply are out of the groove, these ideas could be helpful. If you are in a slow or rapid dive into oblivion – it’s possible nothing we can suggest will help. You’ll have to be the judge on this.

What we know for sure: Selling is a MENTAL profession. It takes a mindset of possibility and a good dose of optimism. I did work with a handful of successful reps who were not optimists during my corporate sales career – but they were few and far between. Because we are humans dealing with other humans, and we are all different, there is no one way to success.

If you are in a sales slump you have nothing to lose by trying one of these ideas:

ASK FOR HELP. If you have a number of stalled sales opportunities, and nothing seems to be moving them forward, ask your manager or someone whose opinion you trust to talk you through each opportunity. I find this is the BEST way to move a potential deal forward – or shut it down. Either way it will take you out of the ongoing misery of a ridiculously long, stalled opportunity. (This is an area that a sales coach can perform well to help you on).

KICK it UP a NOTCH. Whatever you are doing every day, over and over (or not doing everyday) isn’t working. Mix things up and be accountable to reach certain milestones or goals. If you don’t want to set a goal to have X number of good conversations, then set one to get 15 “NO’s”, “not interested”, or “we’re all set’s” today. If you have THAT many conversations, chances are someone WILL be interested and you can break out of that abyss.

GET on the PHONE. Stop hiding behind email and social platforms. There is no easier way to have a number of conversations than picking up the phone. Craft a more compelling voice mail message to pique their curiosity.

BONUS: Additional items we’d suggest you consider:

Look inward – what is motivating you to succeed?

Review your messages – what you are saying may not at all be compelling. Time to re-craft and focus on your buyer rather than how great your company is.

Follow up more – with no expectation other than a positive one. Most reps don’t follow up enough times so this single idea could land you a deal.

Learn from your mistakes – what has gone wrong in the past? Are you still doing that?

Slumps are no fun.

If you have a quick question we can help you with that might get YOU out of a slump, drop us a note.

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