Summer Olympics Sales Goals

June_2016 Summer Sales OlympicsWith Summer unofficially starting here in the U.S. (Memorial Day weekend) comes the opportunity for you to defy the odds on your sales team and make it the most productive 3 months ever. Yep, you got that right. Create your own “Summer Olympics” for your career. You have 3 perfect months – 90ish days – to get small projects done.

I find Summer to be the perfect time because you THINK everything will slow down. It will if you do nothing, but if you ramp up your strategy you’ll bring energy and a plan – and you’ll have the opportunity and ability to accomplish something big.

Here’s how it works:

1) Identify 3 goals you want to conquer or begin to conquer over the next 90 days.

2) Print out oversized calendars for June, July and August. I put mine on foam core so they can go on a wall or on a table in plain view.

3) Use a digital tracking system, gamification, or go old-school to track the 3 goals you are focused on.

If you are new in sales, it could be:

- Ramp up fully in 90 days to be able to set X meetings per week.

- Learn 12 success stories on how my company helped others so I can share that value to potential new buyers.

- Create 3 real opportunities and bring one to closure.

If you are NOT new in sales but in a slump, it could be:

- Make 10 calls each day before coffee.

- Update my LinkedIn profile to be buyer-focused and interact in 5 groups new to me where my buyers are.

- Have 5 “forward moving” conversations each day. These are conversations via email or phone with decision makers, referral partners, or influencers that move you closer to closure.

Why do this now?

It is easier to plan to do things for 90 days than for an unending time period. It can be fun – use an Olympics theme and get everyone involved around you – or do it on your own. Track your progress.

YOU KNOW what YOU NEED TO DO to succeed this year. Why not get started?

BONUS if you set up a “Summer Olympics” program and share with us what your goals are.  I’m tracking that I get outside at LEAST 3 times a week and create content (other than my book) at least 3 times.

What will you do?

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We will champion you to reach that goal or goals.

Start now.

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