Twitter best biz resources & how to's sought

As I am reflecting on the month of January being when I got mor involved with Twitter, I am looking to post the best Twitter resources on AllBusiness and on Hoover's - both D&B websites. Please forward me any links you'd recommend - whether your own or someone else's, and please feel free to retweet ones that I may have missed.

If somone has done a comprehensive job of this, I'd rather not re-invent the wheel, but I am thinking there are probably a dozen or so good sites for people new to Twitter who want to use for business purposes. I'm less interested in someone's class and more intersted in resources to assist others in getting more up to speed on this tool, which I am really getting more used to. I see great business benefit, and I also see some payoff in all the networking and connections I've build over time - finding many of these folks connecting to me on Twitter. Thanks in advance for any contribution you can make.

Topics: Sales Tools

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