Take One Action for More (or Better) Sales

One action I am taking this weekend is to build up my LinkedIn network, which is a virtual networking tool that can connect you to local peers, colleagues, and other industry counterparts. It can also introduce you to those doing things similar to yourself in other locations. This can be great since distance often removes the competition bug. If I am in the Pacific Northwest, and someone in the Southern U.S. or Europe or other remote location to me, and wants to share ideas, this is great. (I should add that I don't happen to feel competitive toward anyone locally, but it seems that others do, quite often.) With remote peers, you can both develop your markets, sharing great knowledge, with no overlap or lost business.

My One Action for More (or Better) Sales is to get endorsements on LinkedIn, and to invite about fifty more connections - the endorsements will offer a "third party" view of my work, and the additional connections just expand my network.

What one action will you take to gain sales today, this weekend, next week, or during the month of July? Please post your ideas - they energize others and we have lots of knowledgable readers out there reading this blog.

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