Announcement: New Option for Micro-Entrepreneurs

I am SO glad to see an easier, inexpensive option, announced today by (the Cloud Computing company) for entrepreneurs with just 1-2 seats needed. Upgradable, this new edition, called "Contact Manager" is simple and only $9 per user per month. The limit is two seats, but what is great is that one can upgrade as your business grows.

This is a NO BRAINER way to finally get that data sitting on your hard drive (or worse yet, in sticky notes and on business cards) into a safe repository where you can access it from any computer. Features according to include:

  • Contacts and Accounts - Contact Manager Edition lets users store and manage their contacts and accounts in the cloud so they can access this information regardless of location.
  • Outlook and E-mail Integration - Track communications from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or any e-mail system, keeping a complete record of customer interactions.
  • Reporting - Run pre-configured and customized reports on your contacts, accounts, and associated activities.
  • Customization - Contact Manager Edition can be tailored to track the data that is most important for your company's particular needs.
  • Google Apps - Contact Manager Edition includes built-in integration with Google Apps.

So get your free trial going and see what I mean. Work with the industry standard in CRM and contact management - a company that has a million and a half users. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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