Sales Tool of the Week: eBook on Cold Calling Scripts & Testimonial Tool + Congrats, Sales Stars!

Sales e-book on Creating Scripts

I’m pretty much a skeptic when I hear about tools, books, and resources to help anyone who is doing cold calling or who are calling a list of prospective customers. The reason is that having done inside sales, managed inside sales, and now trained thousands in inside sales over the years, I never found a whole lot of great resources out there to be of help.

Then I realized I kept hearing about Mike Brooks’ e-book on scripts for those folks who are making calls – sellers routinely call into businesses and corporate headquarters, getting blown off, or they leave a voice message or two (or 5) and never get connected with their potential prospect.

I read the book – New Scripts for the New Economy – and it really resonated with me so I am recommending it to YOU. After all, Mike is known as "Mr. Inside Sales" - and he knows his stuff. There are three reasons I liked this e-book:

  1. I like it when someone talks about the value of planning and practicing as a seller. We always mention how professional athletes have a coach, and how they all practice a plan – why don’t more professional sellers? Since there are a finite number of objections to your product, why not be ready to speak to them – clearly and in a way that would encourage more discussion? In order to do that, you need a script – at least an outline of what you will say now, and say next.
  2. The book shows specific things to say to move a sales opportunity forward. This is always an issue for small business owners who are not comfortable in the selling role.
  3. You can also learn a five step approach to handle objections.

Take a look at New Scripts for the New Economy – it is downloadable and very helpful. Mike sells it for less than the cost of a few fancy coffee drinks. Skip the coffee, and get some word-for-word help.

TESTIMONIALS Will Grow Your Business

In the new environment, it is not what you say about your products and services, but rather it is what others say about them that gets people to take action. At Score More Sales, we try to walk our talk by posting endorsements and testimonials on our website – something that used to be difficult for us to keep up with.

Last year we installed Testimonial Director – a widget for our blog that offers rolling testimonials to those who visit our site. It has added professionalism and credibility. What we like about TD is that you can try it out at NO COST for 30 days. We encourage you to check out Testimonial Director for yourself - and let us know what you think.

Congratulations to all of my colleagues that were mentioned on the Inside View blog – their take on 25 Influential Leaders in Sales. Great folks to follow!

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