Nothing Can Grow Your Small Business Sales Like Great Process and Tools

You may argue that great people are more important than great process in building your business. But we already know that you are great, right? So let’s get you some processes and tools to run your small company like a major corporation (without all the red-tape and scandals). This is a top sales idea you can easily put into place for a very low financial investment.

Find a Container – you need something to keep track of your customers, your past customers, your prospective customers, your vendors, and your strategic partners. This container is often called a “CRM” system – or nowadays is called “Social CRM” because when you put in a name, you can do a search for their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in many cases. These containers now live on the web – so you can get rid of those paper-based planner systems once and for all!



(note: these are not affiliate links. We do not get anything to recommend these tools – we find that one or the other work best for most of our clients.)

Get a 30 day trial and start getting those business cards off of your desk and into the system that will ultimately help you to:

Set next actions  - every customer and prospect needs a next action of some type

Create visuals of all of your sales opportunities – you DO know all of your sales opportunities, right?

Keep a list of “to-do’s” – in this system- there is no better way to keep something from slipping through the cracks if all the things you need to do are in one place.

Drop us a note and let us know if you have (or your company has)  implemented a cloud-based Social CRM system, what it is, and how it works for you.

Lori Richardson is The Sales Detective© with Score More Sales. She speaks at conferences on sales, offering tips, ideas and a mindset for growing revenues. Find more at Score More Sales

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