No-cost: Promote Your Business Through My Blogging

This is not a promotion for anything I am selling. Simply wanted to have a post to let others know what I write about and how I can write (or post what you write) about you, your client, or something else that is amazing at one of the sites I write for.

if you are doing exciting and interesting things in the world, I'd like to hear more about what it is that you are doing to enhance your community, to build others' businsses, and to develop professionally yourself.

I'm not looking for shameless self-promotion blurbs as much as I am looking to hear how you SERVE OTHERS and what THEY have to say about you. If you can help me with one of these categories below, please post a comment or find me on Twitter. Thanks!

Networking: I write stories about networking groups, networking events, and master networkers for The National Networker. I do a regional report as the NW Bureau Chief, and report about the above specifically within the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming. Got a story idea or someone you can introduce me to? My monthly column can use those great ideas.

Sales: I write stories for Dun & Bradstreet on B2B sales effectiveness and always enjoy hearing from successful sales professionals as well as sales leaders on a variety of topics.

Marketing: I write stories about both sales and marketing for six different websites and blogs. Share your story with me, and if it fits, I'll post it and give you atribution along with your website.

Green Business: I write occasional articles at AllBusiness on green business stories. Send me interesting news and I'll credit you with the scoop.

Surviving the Recession: Also write occasionally for this Allbusiness column. Send story ideas!

Inspiration & Business Success: For the ScoreMoreSales blog - all inspiring stories welcome.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills, Sales Tools

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