How Do You Manage Social Media and Projects?

Whether you are a small business owner or in management or an individual contributor, chances are you are going crazy managing (or trying to manage) many social media accounts. How do you structure your day or week to keep up with commenting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning groups, and any other professional group or site you belong to? Oh, and blogging!

My colleague Miles Austin of Fill The Funnel was asking me about how I do it the other day. He says that I appear to be "all over the place" on the web. Miles wondered if I turn away from any social media or participation in certain groups or sites.

The answer for me is, YES. I work at it EVERY week to maintain putting enough good content out there while still consulting with clients, driving quite a bit (with NO texting or updates during that time), working on my Fabulous 50 tour, and attaining revenue goals for the business. I also told him I walk a fine line - that line that is sort of "almost need to be in a room with padded walls" to one that is getting lots done.

My question is for busy, accomplished business people - how do YOU get things done? What tools are "must haves" for you? What would you like to see? I'd like to be able to drive, talk, and have the audio go in as posts. I guess there is the iPhone app, AudioBoo but I am not up to speed with it yet. So - ideas?

Let's create a list that will help other achievers. If you contribute, I'll: send you the complete results and give you credit by name and link to the site of your choice - your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account - oh, you know what I mean. Please forward this on so we can get lots of input. The top three best responses (best/most complete/most helpful list of resources or links to articles and blog posts already talking about this topic) will receive delicious, Belgian chocolate from my friends at Totally Chocolate - so what are you waiting for???

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