Great Twitter Travel Story

I was on my way from Seattle to Portland, OR when I saw on Twitter that someone I was following, @homegoddess who I have not met before – but seems very pleasant – asked for a recommendation on where to eat in Portland. She is also from Seattle and in Portland for the weekend.

Of course, I mentioned the Urban Farmer – wonderful restaurant at The Nines Hotel - my favorite hotel in Portland. I didn’t give it much more thought. Once Mr. Auction and I checked into The Nines, we headed down to the Urban Farmer to check out the happy hour. Had a lovely time, and when we were done, we peeked around the corner to see more of the restaurant, and who should stop me but Diane, (@homegoddess on Twitter) who was sitting with two others, enjoying their happy hour. Seems that my comment got her to get her group to meet up there. Voila! This is the power of Twitter. It was fun to meet Diane – we felt we already knew each other. Wondering who else I’ll meet in the next day here.

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