First Month on Twitter - thought for the day: It's hard to keep up!

So my first month using Twitter nearly every day (OK, I am still ramping up) and I am thinking about how nimble some thought leaders are... like @guykawasaki and I am sure there are thousands of others. In fact, last night I saw a list of 140 "marketers" to follow - can't put the link because I'm rushing out the door.

For those of us who are running to clients and driving here and there - I am able to think about what I want to write then jot it as I can. I really DO like Twitter's format of short sound bytes. It makes a lot of sense to me.

I will continue to post as I can - but I am finding that I am reading more from those I want to hear from - which is what Bill Gates said years ago about email.... I think he just had the wrong platform. Will try to find an old quote on that.

Topics: Sales Tools

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