Do You Have Idea Zombies in Your Business?

zombies in your businessI was reading an article about social media for non-profit organizations - a topic near and dear to my heart. The post, created by John Haydon of Inbound Zombie (whom I first heard recently at Blogworld, and realize how much I've been out of the loop by not following him) is a brief interview with Danielle Brigida of the National Wildlife Federation.

The first question and answer was very helpful - it gave me understanding. The second answer, though - really inspired me. Go to John's post here and you'll see what I mean about answer #2 and the idea zombies - then think about this:

What are YOUR idea zombies in your business and in your head? If you are a services provider, is it in the way your business is set up - so that you can only create revenues through the number of billable hours in the week that you have?

Is your idea zombie more around the lack of time you have (we all have the same amount of time..... yet how uncanny that others can get so much more done)

Perhaps you have a limiting belief about your lifestyle or how hard you must work (or not hard enough?)

I'd love to see your thoughts on this - so, I'm asking you - What IS YOUR idea zombie?

And thanks, John - and Danielle, for the inspiration!

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