Do You Have a Leaky Sales Funnel?

Am at Dreamforce in San Francisco for a couple of days - this is the big, mighty gala affair put on by cloud computing darling Salesforce. This is an annual event, and this year there are 19,000 registered attendees. I came to the last one four years ago - so it is much bigger (although it was big then) and there are hundreds of breakout sessions.

As I wrote at AllBusiness, I am focusing just on two main things while here - SMALL business (and med. sized business) solutions as well as anything innovative and amazing.

Quotes are a big takeaway - like today when i heard Laura Ramos of Forrester Research say:

"Leaky sales funnels increase acquisition costs."

How true.

So here I am getting the latest data, facts, and stories on what the new marketing and sales trends are, and how cloud computing can help grow your revenues.

Salesforce CEO and president Mark Benioff made some announcements this morning and the new features and enhancements he described is going to take Salesforce into a whole new dimension. I'm excited to learn more about newly announced Chatter - and love the enhancements to the dashboard - look and feel plus actual functionality.

Now to figure out how businesses 50 employees or less can get what larger companies benefit from by using these tools - with a lower dollar investment and with less time to spend on implementation. Looking for success stories, too - on how implementing a tool like Salesforce, plus sales methodology throughout the sales team has actually grown sales. If you have one, pass it along.

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