Day 3 of 22 days of Twitter

It is amazing to see how one can gain momentum with several things coming together - whether in business or in life. In this case, I am focused on learning how Twitter can (or cannot) help me in business - not as a distraction (although it can be, at times) but primarily as a tool for building business, getting my message out, and re-connecting with others.

Yesterday I heard from several folks who have seen me on Twitter now - people I haven't talked to in more than three or four years. Also heard from Betsy Talbot, who is basically getting rid of worldy possesions and traveling with her husband next year. Betsy is also getting "up" on Twitter - let's share what we learn, Betsy! And my good friend Tshombe Brown send me a link to a Biznik article on Twitter - can't wait to read it.

Finally, my web design firm, Zigflitz, hooked me up with the widget to put tweets out when I post a blog. That is awesome. I'm catching on...

Topics: Sales Tools

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