Blogworld Next Week- It's Getting Hard to Sleep!

It is very exciting to know that in 11 days I'll be at Blogworld and Social Media Business Summit in Vegas. Currently combing through the many sessions, I'm as focused as ever to see best practices on how small and medium sized businesses can grow revenues through social media. I am also going to share resources with my fellow bloggers at AllBusiness - a great site for small business owners.

I've been teaching and training SMB's (small-med sized) businesses for a couple of years on the very basics of social media marketing - not as an expert but as a peer. I dove into social media after blogging for many years and really wanted to see for myself how the tools worked, how much time they took, and what results they offered me in growing revenues.

A couple years later, I'm entrenched in social media and wouldn't have it any other way. I still teach classes to local business owners who have been "holdouts" or just very reticent to try new things. I help clients who want to sell more understand how things have changed and continue to change.

Living in a small town - some folks don't see how the Internet can bring them closer together to do more business. Those that do "get it" are showing them, and much progress is being made.

I'll be posting some of my exciting plans for who I'll be seeing and talking with at Blogworld. If YOU have a suggestion for me - please post as a comment or at @scoremoresales on Twitter or on Facebook.

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