22 Days of Twitter

Because of all I do in the web-based world as well as the in-person world, I sometimes feel that I'm doing nothing as well as if I focused in a couple of areas - but traditionally just isn't me.

I've been wanting to better understand Twitter as a tool for widening my circle, for business growth, and to expand my learning. Up to this point I have been an occasional user, and not comfortable with a number of aspects of Twitter. So, I've launched my "22 Days of Twitter" to make a conscious effort to find valuable items to share with others (a great use of Twitter), and to better understand this medium so that I can determine if and how I use it heading into February.

So, we'll see just how beneficial Twitter is to business as a serious tool - not just with my opinion, but as I ask others in the next few weeks.

What do you think?

Topics: Sales Tools

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