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The #SalesSummit at Dreamforce #DF16
Tuesday Oct. 4th
1:30PM at the Marriott Marquis
Yerba Buena Salon 9

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Please note that this is mentioned as part of a “supersession”.

Our panel is called, “12 Ways to Build a More Diverse Sales Team” and is within the Super Session at the all day Sales Summit. We are in great company with keynote business speaker, Tim Sanders, and also with my friend and top sales author/ speaker Colleen Francis.

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I’m honored to again moderate a panel at Dreamforce about adding MORE WOMEN to your tech, telecom, manufacturing and distribution sales teams – and seeing the return-on-investment (ROI) grow because of it. We will also talk about diversity in general and what the value is to having a sales team that reflects who your buyers are, and the power of having women in leadership.

The people who really make this panel valuable are our three VP and SVP Sales leaders:

Shep Maher, SVP, Sales, Guidespark

Amy Appleyard, VP, Sales, LogMeIn

Ivonne Valdes, Sales VP, Cloud & Service Provider Segment, Schneider Electric

If you see this in time for Dreamforce, please share about it if you can’t attend in person. Often when a topic on diversity or specifically more women in sales comes up, a percentage of the people scramble out of the room – for various reasons.

If you don’t go to Dreamforce and see this before Tuesday, I’d still appreciate a share or a tweet from you:


Grow revenues with more women in sales at #DF16 #SalesSummit session

Chances are you’ll see this post after the event OR you may have nothing to do with Dreamforce. If so, know that it is still a hot topic in the sales world, because we now have statistics and data showing how valuable it is for revenue to have sales teams with both men and women AND the power of diversity (or inclusion if you prefer), to reflect your buyers.


Watch for our PDF of 17 tips and strategies a company can put into place right away for more success in this effort.

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