Are You Ready for Sales Summer School?

Summer Sales SchoolI was one of those kids who always wanted to learn - even during summer vacation. The older I got, growing up, the more programs I'd take over the summer so that I'd get my school "fix". You might feel the same way about learning to be a better seller - and I'll let you in on a secret as to why now is the best time to learn.

Good friend and sales tools expert, Miles Austin, known as the Web Tools Guy has launched Sales Summer School. I am thrilled to be part of the faculty, and an affiliate of what looks like the best line up of courses catering to anyone in B2B selling this time of year.

We'll be leading virtual sessions through August, all for B2B sellers and sales leaders - here is a list of the first couple of weeks - you can see powerful topics every day. Participants can choose one or the whole series - a great way to soak in knowledge that could really propel your career. These sessions are educational - with NO selling, unlike many courses on the web - We want you to gain insight to grow your sales career.  Take a look at some of the titles. I'm leading two classes - the first one is listed below:

LinkedIn For Sales - Miles Austin     Tuesday, 7/31    

Relationship Building for New Reps -    Elinor Stutz 7/31   

Interview Sales Techniques -    Elinor Stutz - 8/1   

GAP Selling -    Tibor Shanto - 8/2   

Coaching For Performance -    Steven Rosen - 8/7   

Why People Take Your Advice -    Charles H. Green - 8/8   

Nurture Existing Relationships to Grow Revenues -    Lori Richardson - 8/8

How to Use NLP to Sell Over the Phone -    Alen Mayer - 8/9   

How To Not Suck at Selling -    Kelley Robertson - 8/9

Become Your Client’s Strategic Partner-    A. Iannarino - 8/14   

Summer Sales School - take one session or all of them! Click to see more description of any course you're curious about.

Here's what I love the most - you'll be granted access into a private LinkedIn group where all of us instructors are - and you can ask questions relating to any of the sessions. That is an invaluable chance to double or triple your learning.

So the secret: NOW is the best time to participate because you'll never have as much opportunity to learn as you will in the Summer. Once we get to September, sales activities always increase, and accountability doubles.

Post your thoughts - do you like professional development? What topics are of most interest? More to come on this topic.
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