Prioritize Sales Coaching - Rev It Up

Last week, an amazing group of sales leaders gathered to hone their craft and find an idea or two to grow revenues.

This was an annual event put on by Women Sales Pros, and sponsored by Drift, Allego, and VanillaSoft.

Coaching was on everyone’s mind as we had a group discussion about what is most important.

First we went around the room identifying important factors for coaching and then in small groups, we narrowed down what is MOST important for success.

They Shared

Being proactive vs. reactive



Being empathetic

Defining what coaching IS

The biggest takeaway was that there needs to be a corporate culture around coaching.

More than anything, attendees felt that without the culture and understanding about the importance of coaching infused in everything sales managers do, it is not worth the effort.

Sales coaching needs support.

Your reps need sales coaching and they need your support.

Don’t write off any sales reps. Invest in all of them.

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Lori_Richardson_President_Score_More_SalesLori Richardson  is CEO of Score More Sales, a top B2B sales strategy firm helping mid-sized companies grow revenues by solving key issues in their sales department - like recruiting, retention, diversity hiring, process, pipeline and leadership Lori is also President of Women's Sales Pros - a community created to help move the needle for more women in sales and sales leadership roles. Lori helps  She speaks at CEO groups on topics of sales growth and the importance and value of diversity. Clients include companies in the technology, telecom, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services industries.
Lori received the 2019 "Lifetime Achievement Award" from AA-ISP (American Association for Inside Sales Professionals - The Global Inside Sales Association) and is a LinkedIn 2018 Top Sales Voice.
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