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It is difficult to share the excitement and enthusiasm I have in having been invited to be part of the Flip the Script National Tour happening in nine (9) cities in sixteen (16) days in February.

First, what’s most important – every session will offer education for frontline sales reps – SDRs, BDRs, AEs,managers and other sellers - who struggle to personalize their prospecting messaging and actually reach more prospective buyers. These sessions are no cost, include dinner, and are not pitching any services.

SDRs Reach More Prospective Buyers

It’s REALLY GOOD, tactical, helpful, “leave there ready to go” content. I promise you’ll not only learn a lot – whether you oversee a sales team or are a seller yourself – but you’ll meet some great folks and be more inspired about your role afterward.

Cities are as follows – where I will be are in bold: (Boston, Austin, Denver, and Salt Lake City)

(Tues.) 2/4 Boston

(Weds.) 2/5 New York

(Thurs.) 2/6 Chicago

(Tues.) 2/11 Atlanta

(Weds.) 2/12 Austin

(Thurs.) 2/13 Denver

(Tues.) 2/18 Salt Lake City

(Weds.) 2/19 Seattle

(Thurs.) 2/20 San Francisco

Flip the Script is the brainchild of Chorus.ai’s SDR leader Becc Holland who will be in each of these cities – via bus – with colleagues Scott Barker and Josh Braun. A full event is planned for each city. I have put registration links for each city above, in hopes of helping you streamline registering.

You can hear more from Becc about the tour in a LinkedIn post she did with Trish Bertuzzi.

I started as an SDR / BDR in my early 20’s and have been in sales and sales leadership roles for many years. It means a lot to be invited along for a few of the stops – not just because it will be fantastic to meet so many of you on the road, but to share some of the insights I’ve gained over the years. I bring a different point of view and it’s awesome to be a part of these events.

Be a Life Long Learner

Plus, hopefully like you, I’m a lifelong learner. I plan to gain new insights myself, from my co-panelists, speakers, and attendees in each city.

So, join me on the road – join up at any one of the cities above – if you are not near one of these cities, look up Becc Holland and Flip the Script on LinkedIn – or on Chorus’s Resource page.

If you *are* going, send me a note on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. I hope to see as many of you as possible on the road.

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