Sellers Can Learn About Luck from Caine's Arcade

This week I was around hundreds of sales professionals from all walks of life. Quite often I asked them if they had seen the viral video, Caine's Arcade yet. Nearly all of them said they hadn't. They each told me how busy they have been and don't see things like this as I do via Facebook.
I've seen this short film about a dozen times already. To me, young Caine Monroy from East L.A. is the epitome of what I was always taught in sales about luck.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. - Seneca

In this case, the preparation was all the effort and planning and love that Caine put into his cardboard arcade - always knowing that he was preparing for his customers. He built. He designed. He innovated. He swept. He showed up and he was passionate about his offerings. He merchandised. He thought about ways to reward customers with tickets when they played.

Opportunity showed up in the form of Nirvan Mullick, the filmmaker who happened by for a car part and was taken aback when he saw the front of the parts store filled with imaginative cardboard creations. Nirvan said it took him back to his childhood, and when Caine told Nirvan about his options for playing - that's when he further realized more about Caine's gifts.

"$1 gets you four turns. But $2 gets you a Fun Pass".

Immediately, most anyone would want to know what a Fun Pass is, right?

In sales, this is what is so critical, yet so few sellers can say something to pique your interest - they usually go on and on and on some more. Caine simply shared his business strategy - and now some phenomenal things have happened.

Be sure to visit the Caine's Arcade website. Share it with your sales team next time you want to talk about reps being more creative and innovative. Then see the good that has come from all the people who saw the film and chipped in to get this kid a college education, and OTHER kids in the future. Brilliant!

I have news for Caine - there's more out there for smart, passionate, talented, positive, hard-working kids like him. The opportunities are endless for a kid like Caine.

Congratulations to Nirvan for sharing this with the world. You did a great service. Now the question for everyone else is - are you putting the preparation in for when opportunity comes to you?

Also check out the Forbes post by TJ McCue on 9 Hidden Factors of Caine's Arcade Success.

Note to Caine: You may not understand all of this now, but someday you will. Thank you for inspiring so many people just by thinking about offering others a wonderful arcade experience and in being so dedicated to it. I hope to meet you some day! PS - I love your Army goalies! They are awesome.

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