Zig Ziglar gets Twitterized....in Sales? You Gotta See This

I am a LONG time fan of sales master Zig Ziglar and his "ziglarisms" - said by thousands over the years, and helpful to many like me who were struggling to be a good sales professional in my early years. Known for good common sense, Zig has inspired with his good 'ol boy Southern charm and friendly helpful advice.

So it is fun to see son Tom Ziglar's new video taking Ziglarisms and converting them to help people be better tweeps (and better people in general). Take a look, and thanks, Tom for this!

I have to add that I didn't even know that it was Zig who coined the phrase, "Never confuse activity with accomplishment" - I have quoted it many times over the years and even gotten into debates about who did coin this. Glad I can now give credit where credit is due.

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