Your Sales Year is Half Over - Feeling Energized or Overwhelmed?

It's my favorite question when I work with business owners and sellers when we've finished a coaching session.... do you feel energized and great, or are you feeling totally overwhemed? There often isn't much middle ground.

How wonderful that we have a half-way point in the year. Here is the 60-second version of what I was writing about earlier today -

If you are having a great first half of the year - Hooray for you! Take the rest of the week off - seriously.

If you have struggled and numbers are down - just start fresh on July 1st. Wipe the slate clean and begin that second half of the Super Bowl. You might be down, but you are not out. Starting fresh gives you new energy, new reserves.

And if you want some help with that, contact me at Score More Sales. I have ideas for you.

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