Will You Ever Pay Full Price Again?

As a consumer, have you enjoyed the rise of Groupon? Have you noticed all the new counterparts that are "Groupon-like?"

Here in the Northwest I have subscribed to LocalTwist, Tippr, and DealSpringer. These are all similar services - you sign up and they send you "deal" information for local restaurants, spas, retail deals and services. Most offers are 50-60% off.

It's getting to where people are almost expecting a 50% off deal on everything, isn't it?

I wonder about those retailers and restaurants who are still advertising in newspapers and on cable TV in ads with a small incentive - 20% off of a product or service. I've seen fliers for restaurants offering "buy one dinner, get the other for 1/2 off" - and frankly, I believe people are not moved to take action with these. Why? Not enough discount!

It is a current trend, perhaps a fad or is it? What are YOUR thoughts about getting deals to try new businesses products and services? Will you ever pay full price?

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