Where Do You Go for Inspiration to Grow Your Business?

This is a question I pose to you, reader - what do you do, or where do you go when you want to find a new or better way to grow your business? You are an entrepreneur or you are a sales professional within a company. What I continue to want to know is this - what causes you to make that extra phone call today, or send that well thought-out email that you have to create on your lunch break so that you can get everything done today?

I'm not encouraging anyone to work 70 hours a week, although you may. What I am curious about - so curious - is how you decide what to do and when. How do you determine when to follow up with your best prospective opportunities? Where do you get the energy and focus to do a targeted mailing (or email) campaign?

Post your thoughts - your resources - your inspiration. I may contact you to be part of an article I'm writing for a major publication.

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