What Successful Women Entrepreneurs (Oprah Included) Can Teach Us

I'll be in NYC most of next week, learning from and interviewing women who have created multi-million dollar businesses at the Rock the World Conference. This is always a great way to learn about your own business style by listening to others and hearing their stories.

Since success leaves clues, I'll be looking for those clues I can pass along to readers and will be taking video of both the experts and the attendees. If you have any specific questions be sure and email them to me or post a comment and I will do my best to ask for you.

A highlight for me, in addition to hosting my own event in NYC will be to see and hear Oprah Winfrey live at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday. It's part of the Live Your Best Life Weekend and 10th anniversary of O Magazine. I can't tell you what a thrill that will be. Hearing Oprah live is something I have always wanted to do ever since I first watched her on her TV show. I know, I'm not alone. It will be an exciting week.

The week ends with a walk through NYC to raise money for a number of non-profit causes.

It is good to invest in learning and in expanding your horizons. What are you doing next week to expand YOUR horizons? Post your thoughts.

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