The Merry-Go-Round of Staying Connected for Sellers

Sometimes it feels like I am on a quickly spinning merry-go-round, although I have not been on the "real thing" for years. I know there are many sales pros and biz owners who have been avoiding certain social media and other online tools because a) they don't see the value and b) they don't know how they could keep up with everything and still run their business or their territory.

As with anything else sales-related, I encourage people to keep AN OPEN MIND. Be an "investigator" of technology and tools rather than a "naysayer". One sales trainer I know scoffed so much at using Twitter that he wrote a piece about how basically dumb it is and while I think he did this for publicity (note I am not saying who this goofball is) he is just perpetuating what I call the "over 40 fear factor" of having to learn new ways of doing things.

When I am not at warp speed like I am today - 4 in-person meetings, several blogs to write, calls to make and emails to respond to, in addition to social media tools... I work to pace myself - and keep reviewing what is important to me. As one who needs to walk her talk, I focus on what I am doing that will lead to revenues, as well as support my alliance partners and existing clients.

So - be patient, be open minded, and pace yourself. It is possible to do more than you think when you do it in an efficient manner. Disagree? Post your thoughts. You may end up in an exciting debate!

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