Stuck in a Rut? Seth can Help....

Thanks to Karen Rozensweig for sending me a link to Seth Godin's blog on all the things you can change so that you are really not stuck in that rut (or in that pile of manure) that you might think you are. Check it out.

My faves:

8. Host a conference for your competitors -

Sales guru superstar Jill Konrath did this - it was a pre-day at her big Sales Shebang event - a room full of women sales effectiveness trainers, speakers, and coaches. What happened? Many of us (myself included) have gone on to collaborate on ideas, events, and projects.

I organized an event called Total Networking, which had all of the top women's business organizations in the Pacific Northwest invited - what happened? More collaboration than you could imagine... people are still talking about this first-ever event.

35. Write 5 Thank You Notes Everyday

yep - that's my mantra. If we all did this, we'd all feel a debt of gratitude. Seriously, try this one - it really works!

which ones resonate for you? Post your comments.

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