Pseudonyms and Other Creative Solutions to Make Things Happen

Recently I was searching on a professional association website and saw that the only way they listed members (so that you could hire one) was alphabetically. People most likely come to this site, looking to hire a professional and most visitors will end up with someone whose last name began with the first part of the alphabet, since most people don't scroll through pages of listings. As someone whose last name begins with an "R", I find this to be an extremely poor way to do things.

This thought immediately jogged my brain, and I remembered that when I was young, my mother, a voracious reader whose last name was also Richardson, created a pseudonym solely to be able to receive her magazine subscriptions at the earliest possible time. In the '60's, the US Postal System wasn't quite as streamlined as it has become in the last 10 years or so.

Magazines mailed out alphabetically back then, so when we saw letters and magazines arriving in our mailbox addressed to Mrs. Anna Aaby, we knew it was mom. This homemaker was not going to be put off for an extra day or two because of her last name starting in the last-half of the alphabet! She was pleased to receive her Woman's Day or whatever it was she read before anyone else in the neighborhood. I laugh now, looking back fondly - since she passed on more than 5 years ago - as I think of her wit and craftiness at times - even in bucking the standard mailing system.

What is YOUR "Anna Aaby" solution? Do you have a challenge that just needs a creative twist to solve an issue currently seeming to be insolvable? Think of the many new and successful businesses springing up -- one mammoth idea is the Groupon phenomenon - valued in the billions - and its many imitators.

I'd like to suggest you consider having a brainstorming session with trusted colleagues, strategic partners, or others from outside of your business and industry to end up with bigger ideas and creative solutions for anything in your business. You would be amazed at how successful a couple of hours of input from others can be in solving what you may think is an "unsolvable" situation.

I'll be on the radio next Monday morning, December 21 from 9AM-10AM (Pacific) explaining how to create a "Revenue Brainstorm" session, and how to make a Revenue Mindmap for 2011. You'll be able to listen (and see me talk) at 1150AM KKNW LIVE. I'll also post the recording on the Score More Sales website if you read this post-radio event.

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