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It can take multiple attempts to get input on topics and ideas - as posted yesterday, I am looking for your ideas.... those who lurk and read - but don't normally comment. If I can move you - inspire you - to comment about what you are looking to improve, increase, or decrease - that would be a big win for us both.

But just because I try something - it doesn't mean that I will get results. As a seller, you need to try multiple things to get where you need to be. For me, I try one thing, give it a bit of time, then think of another route to the same result. Or, I know that sometimes I just won't get the answer at that particular time.

In planning an upcoming meeting for the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest, I connected with people who most people would not talk with. It was great - all I did was ask. 99% of those who I asked gave me as much time as we needed. If I hadn't asked, it would never have come about.

So creativity, and innovation - are critical to the seller's success. Again, feel free to post your thoughts - I will respond. What are your stumbling blocks through the end of this year, and what do you dread about next year when it comes to selling?

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