How Trying Again, in a New Way, Can Make a Sales Breakthrough

Sometimes the most elegant solution to a problem or to being stuck is the last thing you think of - not the first. I have worked with clients over the years who keep trying to apply the same answer over and over with no success.  Isn't that the definition of insanity as well?

So stop doing that.

Try to see in a new way - as Leonardo da Vinci told his painting students. He would make them take a break and come back later, with "a new set of eyes".

Stumped about a sales opportunity? Ask a mentor, find a book, read a blog, go to a museum (yes, I said museum) - because often it is just a lack of creativity or fresh ideas that stops us in our tracks.

Think about when you were young. You got on a bike and you fell down - again and again. Somehow through trying many different things, and perservering, you learned how to ride without falling very often. As adults we often forget this tenacity - if something doesn't work, well it just doesn't work.

Please post your thoughts about your own breakthroughs and discoveries.

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