Green Tea Frappuccino(R)

As someone much more focused on selling than marketing, I consider the marketing world a fascinating hobby. I have few credentials to be offering analysis (although I am a consumer, and am in a field that succeeds much more when marketing works)

Hometown company, Starbucks, is rolling out the Green Tea Frapp today. One of my colleagues and I managed to sneak a taste last night, as the Barista swore me to secrecy (like the latest Harry Potter book, they were to roll it out all on the same day).

Here's what is interesting: How does a high carb, sugary drink line survive the wave of the "lo-carb, no-carb" market and just keep growing? My simplistic analysis is that people want it. Starbucks knows how to research their market, and the new Green Tea drink will be no different - offering the health benefits of Green Tea to the masses, just a bit sweetened and creamy - certainly this will be a smash hit in the U.S. - perhaps elsewhere?

In selling, we all need a Green Tea Frappuccino(R) - something that gets everyone talking - perhaps a bit controversial - and that tastes smooth and creamy. What is yours?

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