Great Tips for Business Owners for Business Building

I enjoyed sharing a suggestion for this article by Betsy Talbot in the Examiner today. It offers a dozen or so ideas on what to focus on and ways to increase revenues in these economic times. My suggestion:

"Many of us simply do not follow up enough – thinking that our prospect HAS their information, and when they are ready – they’ll call you back. Wrong! A Stanford research study showed that in B2B selling, 85% of buyers will buy AFTER the 5th contact. Amazingly, 95% of salespeople give up after 4 contacts. So simply by following up one or two more times, and making it a regular part of your “process” – you will sell more. Spread it out and vary the type of contact – but do follow up more and see the amazing results."

Take a look at all the other ideas in Betsy's article here.

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