Feel Like a Social Media Toddler?

Are you a little wobbly with your social media strategy? Do you feel like you got it, so you start going faster, then you fall down on your rear? You get back up, and fall down again every so often? That is the life of a toddler, my friends - and it is also what happens when we adults do new things.

It can be frustrating. Sitting with a dozen small business owners yesterday, it is clear that everyone is at different levels and on top of that, we all have different temperaments as well as skill sets. The business owner just now getting into her first social media experience - but has years of writing background is most likely to do better than the biz owner with very little writing background.

Another will have a short attention span or worse, little patience to try something new. One will be very open and excited by this new world of tools and will go gangbusters - learning all that she can, and thrilled to be building business.

Out of a room of 12 business owners - how many will really get it? How many will run like a toddler then fall and get back up a few times? It is a lot easier when we are 13 or 14 months old to have the will to perfect walking and running.

In the small community where this class is held, there are some small business mega-success stories with social media. One company - Logos Software, now the largest developer of Bible software, made $300,000 in ONE weekend due to their social media word-of-mouth marketing.

Another business rock star, Anne-Marie Faiola, founder of Brambleberry (a soap-making supply company) and SoapQueen.TV just won the US Small Business Administration’s Washington State Business Person of the Year award, and knowing her, she may win for the whole U.S.

This post is not about tools but rather about attitude. Just like my little buddy in the photo, those building new skills and learning new concepts need to be aware that there will be falls. There will be joy, and perhaps some low moments. Instead of crying, like our toddler would do - or stomping his feet - we can be open minded and ready to learn.

What is your area of frustration when it comes to social media? Many business owners and sales professionals tell me that they don't have any more time to spare for social. If it meant more dollars in your pocket, would you be able to make time for it? I have seen too many successful social media revenue projects to know that it is worth your time to invest. Just next time you get frustrated, don't stomp your feet or throw a tantrum - be OPEN to how these tools can actually propel your business forward.

Post your thoughts - it makes for great discussion. What is your biggest frustration with social media currently? What has been your biggest breakthrough or realization?

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