Be Memorable

I just unpacked a special holiday wreath given to me as a special gift from a friend when I lived in Boston back around 2000. The wreath was made on Cape Cod, and was from my friend Hyacinth who always drove up from New Jersey on weekends to see her son play college hockey. Our sons were teammates, and in exchange for me letting her "crash" on my sofa, she did nice things like giving me this wreath. It wasn't just any wreath, but was made on Cape Cod and forever reminds me of the great times had when in the Boston and Cape Cod areas. Hy knew I would be moving back to Seattle and in addition to this wreath being fantastic while I was there, her thoughtfulness that I'd have it for years really made it a great gift. So, in business you can do the same thing - listen to your client, your prospect, or alliance partner - and creatively be memorable.

A Favorite Memorable Gift

Topics: Innovation & Inspiration

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