A Holiday Letter….From a Business?

You know those traditional Christmas letters that people used to mail out - mostly to brag about that trip to the Caribbean they treated their whole family to - or just an update about the three kids and, now years later, their families?

I received a business 'annual update" letter and to my surprise, it was very nice to read.

It was from Marcia Brixey, founder and head of Money Wise Women - a nonprofit organization to help women better manage and grow their money. I've admired Marcia's work for many years.

So here is the idea Marcia came up with - and I am sure she will be glad to encourage others to try this -

Create a letter to your key clients - or in her case, she sent this to her sponsors and speakers - to thank them for all they did for her this past year. She highlighted the accomplishments of the organization, so it didn't sound like Uncle Henry bragging - but instead, offered great insight into what she has been up to.

I may do something similar - how about you and your business? Seems refreshing compared to traditional, quickly signed holiday cards.

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