5 Audio Calls on 2010 Audacious Goals

Let's get brilliant with our goals, together!

It's true - 2010 is RIGHT around the corner. How will you make it THE best year for revenues and other goals you may be thinking about?

Join me for the series of calls.

“5 Brilliant Steps to Attain Your Sales* Goals in 2010”
(*or personal goal, or to help your mighty cause)
calls will be audio archived for your convenience –

October 26 3PM -4PM Pacfic "The Power of Asset-Based Thinking"

November 2 3PM-4PM Pacific "Accomplishing what is Important, not Urgent"
November 16 3PM-4PM Pacific "Creating a Dashboard to Measure Your Success"
November 30 3PM-4PM Pacific "New Technology and Tools to Help You Get to Your Goal"
December 14 3PM-4PM Pacific "Using the foundation of "simple", "easy", and "quick wins"
the series is $99 for all 5 archived calls

to sign up, email me for the registration link - lori at scoremoresales dot com

We’ve got even more coming

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