Friday Five - Sales Managers

Friday Five Sales Managers 

Here are 3 questions, 1 quote, and 1 resource to end your week.

Question #1: Do your managers understand the difference between coaching and training and why they are important?

Question #2: Do your managers have scheduled times to coach and train each of their reps? No sales rep, or sales manager, should be expected to improve without support and training. (Are senior reps omitted from coaching because "they know what they are doing?") 

Question #3: How do your sales managers compare? You cannot expect a world class sales force if your managers belong on  a B team or a C team.


Quote: "Professional athletes have a coach (or coaches) what makes professional sales people think they don't?"

FREE Resource: How does your sales team stack up?  "Rank Your Sales Team"

RANK Your Sales Team

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